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A Comparison of Gaming Consoles
Gaming consoles have been around for decades. You may remember the older ones like Atari and ColecoVision. Luckily, there has been regular improvisations and advancement in the gaming industry to the point where people are eager to buy consoles for their entertainment. And if you need replacement cables for gaming consoles that are newer models, you can easily find them. There are a variety of gaming consoles available in the market, including Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PS3, to Nintendo 3DS XL.
They all differ in each aspect of their features including size, weight, motion control, voice control, disc playback, remote gameplay, and other features. If you have dozens of old games stacked up, you might want to check whether the gaming console you intend to buy is backwards-compatible. If it isn’t, the best solution would be to buy Nintendo because it has this feature built in already. Wii U is a next generation system. However, the horsepower of Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 is much closer to it, making it less of a gaming console than Xbox One. Why not? Xbox One has managed to win hearts of players everywhere because of its unmatchable technical expertise. However, in terms of size, if you would like to have something more portable, consoles like Vita can easily fulfill your needs. 1080p is the ideal resolution for gaming consoles at the moment. Vita has a sharper resolution. 3DS has a good resolution but it doesn’t have a touchscreen on the top which is a disadvantage. Xbox’s and PS 4’s have an undue benefit when it comes to controlling them primarily, supporting improved feedbacks and touchpads respectively. However, Wii U also demonstrates a GamePad controller that can be used to see perspectives of players from a different point of view. There is no time lag involved here, and there is a provision for playing games far away from your television. If we take into account the aspect of motion control and voice control, Xbox One steals the limelight by incorporating advanced sensors into the system, allowing for better control than other gaming consoles. It also supplies you with the provision of controlling the content on your television via your gaming console. Cool, huh? If you want to play Blu-ray videos on your gaming consoles, then Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One are the way to go. Wii U doesn’t support the streaming of Blu-ray pictures. If you want to allow 3D Gaming on your console, then 3DS allows you that luxury, which is a plus for 3D Gaming Players. Most importantly, the average battery life should be considered when buying portable gaming consoles. The average battery life can vary from about 3-5 hours on an approximate scale. Knowing the various factors involved in buying of a good gaming console can help you to make better choices that cater to your individual needs in the long run.
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