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7 Essential Tools for Your DIY Projects

Have you ever calculated how much you spend (yearly) by hiring a professional for non-skilled jobs such as changing your four-wheeler engine oil or replacing a non-functional LED bulb? The chances are, that’s quite massive!

But if you do these small tasks -, with little to no risk- by yourself, you can save big money.

But, before you take charge of several DIY jobs or projects, you have to get the right arsenal of tools & equipment. Whether your sofa requires a quick fix or your kid’s bicycle has the braking failure problem, here in this post, we’ve rounded up the seven must-have tools for all your daily do-it-yourself tasks.

So, scroll below to jot these down.

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer must be in your tool kit if you are someone who loves to fix things.The claw hammers come in a selection of options, but the 16-ounce size is perfect for home use.

Make sure you buy a claw hammer that is strong enough for home repair works, and at the same time light enough to be carried along everywhere. The wooden handles break easily, thereby, go with any other durable option.

Tape Measure

Whether you are measuring how the Led T.V. would fit into the den or building a small gun cabinet, the tape measure is a handy thing to have in your toolkit. Plus, the tape measure is fun for the creative member in your house

Nose Pliers

Nose pliers are a professional tool found in most electrician’s kit, which are also useful for many of your day-to-day household chores where you require twisting and cutting wires. Owing to their compact size, they are effortless to be tagged along everywhere.

Drilling Machine

A cordless drilling machine is one tool to invest if you wish to save money annually on your household repairing works. A home-use drilling machine is highly useful in drilling holes in walls and wooden objects. So, whether you want to hang a few artworks you recently bought or want to strengthen your coffee table with screws, buying a drilling machine is worth every dollar.

Before you commence your search for a drilling machine, it is essential to take note of the drilling power, and this measured by the amount of voltage in the battery. Today, there are drills available on the market powered by batteries with voltage up to 18V.


No matter, you want to place a mantle over your fireplace or wish to hang the craftwork of your kid in his/her living room, a straight line becomes absolutely indispensable. To accomplish that, you must have a level in your home tool kit. With his hand-use tool, you don’t have to embed multiple nails into the wall with all the efforts and only to discover that they are not aligned correctly. To get the job done efficiently in the first attempt itself, employ a level tool.

Vise-Grip Pliers

Vise-Grip Pliers come in handy when you require an extra hand when working on a DIY project. It is a sophisticated tool to lock things in place. These gripers are a broadly versatile tool as they can be used for a multitude of purposes. They can work a piler, an adjustable wrench, clamp or a wire cutter.

The standard 5-10 WR vise grip pliers are ideally suited for household fixing and repairing chores. So, they can make your work a lot easier and effortless, especially if you are working on the bigger and complicated do-it-yourself projects.

Socket Wrench

You regardless want to unbolt one screw or has to tighten up a manifold of screws for a DIY project, it’s time to ditch that old crescent wrench and get the professional socket wrench.

The sophisticated mechanism of this wrench allows you to quickly tighten the screw without the need of adjusting the wrench after every turn. This is the reason why the professionals prefer this wrench over its traditional brother crescent wrench.


In the end, a quick fix can turn into hefty repair work, if you try to get your hands dirty with a complicated job that class for utter professionalism. So, it is a no-brainer to stay clear of work that demands knowledge & experience; otherwise, you will find yourself enveloped in a big hassle.

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