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6 Different Types of HDMI Adapters And Converters

There is no doubt in admitting that HDMI adapters and converters have become a need in this modern technology-driven world. An important thing that most people do not seem to understand is that there is a wide variety of things that could be assorted in the ‘HDMI adapters category.’ There are devices meant for adapting the physical connections, and then there are devices for transferring signals from one format to the other.  

Whether it is a Blu-Ray player, set-top satellite, games console, or cable box, the HDMI adapter cables permit the swift transfer of data from these devices into your TV connection. With respect to the rising advancements in modern technology, you might even have to use HDMI converters for retro game devices or other consoles. Furthermore, HDMI converters are a must-have for enabling AV and converting the different types of connections from one platform to the other.  

While HDMI adapter cables are what most of us use to link up our audio-visual devices with each other, still, many people get confused by the wide variety of HDMI adapters available in the market. So, in order to make this clear for you, we have short-listed the 6 main types of HDMI adapter cables below.   

Different Types of HDMI Adapter Cables  

Most HDMI adapters are devices that function by connecting a non-HDMI source to an HDMI display. This means that you get to convert a particular type of signal from its original form to HDMI. Many people get that backward, but to make it easier to understand, you can think of the signal as something flowing from one point to the other with the support of a third party.  

For instance, the HDMI signal flows out of your DVD Player and enters into your TV. Some HDMI converters also function oppositely, which means that they allow the transfer of signals from an HDMI source to a VGA or DVI display. This may seem overwhelming to you, but you’ll surely get a firm grip on HDMI adapters once you dive into the different types we’ve mentioned below.  

HDMI Adapters 

Are you still wondering what these adapters actually do? First and foremost, let us clarify that HDMI adapters are meant to provide a sustainable HDMI connection. In other words, you can easily view photos, videos, or any other related content stored from your mobile phone on the TV with the use of a compatible HDMI adapter. However, the HDMI cable doesn’t necessarily come with the adapter.  

HDMI adapters undeniably come in a number of variations and sizes. This might raise a question; what sort of HDMI adapter would be best for sustainable use?  

If you’re looking for an all-in-one quality choice, the Quest HDI-6101 is a great product to start from. This adapter easily converts the HDMI input to the Component AV output. Moreover, it comes with a plug-and-play converter, an auto-store setting of output resolution, and additional five RCA output connections.  

Anyhow, if you wish to go a little cheaper but still do not want to compromise on quality,

durability, and performance, the Quest HDI-6100 should be your ideal choice. This ‘HDMI adapter best buy’ supports an auto-store setting of output resolution and offers five RCA input connections. 

In addition, it also comes with a plug-and-play Upscaler that takes the component video to HDMI in 720p or 1080p quality. So, such HDMI adapter cables are ideal for audio or video installations.   

VGA to HDMI Converters 

The televisions nowadays have HDMI ports, while most workstations support VGA ports. This is where the VGA to HDMI converters come into use. Such converters are commonly used to transfer or display data from a computer to a television. 

VGA is basically an analog signal; such converters work by converting the signal from analog to digital. While HDMI does both audio and video conversions, VGA deals with only video signals. That is why many VGA to HDMI converters take any specific audio input and add it to the HDMI signal.  

We get that you might be looking for recommendations for an HDMI converter best buy, so we’ve already reviewed a couple of them for you here. 

PureLink HC-VH1, one of the best  VGA to HDMI converters with audio support, makes it easier to view photos and videos and stream content directly from your laptop to your HDTV. You can also utilize it to make an HD monitor for a computer that only comprises VGA ports. Moreover, the stereo audio is embedded right into the HDMI signal for a quick 6.75 Gbps flawless transmission.   

As a second option, the VGA-HDMI-CONV2 is perfect for someone looking for a middle-range top-quality accessory. It doesn’t count whether or not you have an updated HDMI monitor because this simple plug-and-play converter ensures smooth and error-free transmission of a VGA signal from a PC to an HDTV or HDMI monitor. This onboard 3.5mm cable offers a quick and easy way to stream your preferred content without the support of any external power source or USB.  

DVI to HDMI Adapters 

DVI is an advanced visual signal in the same format as the HDMI’s video portion. The only difference is that DVI doesn’t contain the audio signal while the HDMI does. This means that DVI to HDMI adapters are useful for those who prefer using video signals to variate the physical connections.  

As a general recommendation, the DVIM-HDMIF-ADPT is one of the exceptional bidirectional DVI to HDMI adapters. It comes with an HDMI female to a dual-link DVI male connector. It is often operated with an HDMI cable to bring a signal from a PC’s video card to an external display. With gold-plated resistant and corrosion-free contacts, such DVI to HDMI adapters indeed offer the best value for money concerning manufacturing quality, compatibility, and sustainability.  

DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter 

The display port connection is most commonly found in laptops as an output, but monitors and computers can also use it. The primary function of a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is to convert DisplayPort signals to HDMI signals. For this purpose, the DPM-HDMIF-COUP offers the smoothest audio and video transitions and comes with the latest HDMI features.  

This DisplayPort to HDMI adapter can handle uncompressed digital resolutions up to 1080p. It comes with a 3-dimensional structure and a 10.8 Gbps data transfer rate. With a 20-pin updated connector and a 1 Mbit/s’ bidirectional auxiliary channel, what else could you possibly want in a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter?  

USB-c to HDMI Adapters 

USB-c to HDMI Adapters are generally meant to connect the USB port on the computers or add an HDMI yield to them. This permits users to connect their computers to the HDMI-enabled display, like a computer monitor or TV. The main purpose of these USB-c to HDMI adapters is to provide additional displays on the computers and promote powerfully efficient monitor systems.  

Anyway, the USBC-HDMI-ADPT is among one of the most convenient and well-structured USB-c to HDMI adapters, and we’ll tell you exactly why. This USB type C to HDMI adapter allows you to connect a high-definition monitor using your computer’s USB 3.1 slot. Furthermore, this adapter supports fascinating resolutions up to 4K, thus allowing its users to witness top-notch Ultra HD video quality.  

Micro USB to HDMI Adapter 

A Micro USB to HDMI adapter allows you to view videos, photos, and other related content stored on your mobile device through a compatible HDTV. Such adapters can prove to be valuable when it comes to connecting computers to external displays, such as video projectors or TVs.   

So, for someone who doesn’t have an external display port on his HDTV and is wondering what to do about it, a Micro USB to HDMI adapter is all you need. Nevertheless, in that case, the 11PIN-MHL Micro USB to HDMI adapter should be your first choice as it comes with an accessible approach and top-notch built quality. That too, at an unbelievingly amazing price range!  

The use of such HDMI adapters is exceptionally diverse due to their never-ending requirements. Still, considerable people do not know how to use them. Whatsoever, a Micro USB to HDMI adapter doesn’t involve anything complicated. You can get started by connecting one end of the HDMI cable with the adapter and the other one with the HDMI port on your TV. Then, connect your travel charger to the HDTV adapter and a power source.  

Once you connect the HDMI converters/adapters into the power interference port on your device, the TV screen will immediately start displaying content from your device’s screen. So, you can easily use the TV remote control keys to display your required content or play music, games, etc. 

We hope that we wrapped every aspect of HDMI adapters while composing this article for you. While HDMI is a widespread technology that indeed has become a must-have accessory nowadays, it still confuses many people. There can be times when HDMI might not be suitable or required. You also may encounter or need to use different types of HDMI connections, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.

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