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6 Awesome Summer Projects for Avid DIYers
DIY If you’re like most hardcore DIY enthusiasts, then it’s probably pretty safe to say several things are true of you. Your idea of a good time involves rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on when it comes to your home. Your favorite presents are tools and other items you can use to continue making your home even more your own. Also, it goes without saying that summer time is the time to really sink your teeth into a new project or three. Here are some awesomely fulfilling options to consider adding to your summer to-do list.
  1. Put together the ultimate home theater.

If you or anyone else in your family is a dyed in the wool movie buff, then the chances are pretty good that the subject of installing a home theater has come up more than once, and why shouldn’t it? Home theaters that feature huge screens, super comfortable seating, and blackout curtains really do take any viewing experience to the next level. Consider finally making that theater a reality this summer. Prepare your room with choice window coverings, sound-friendly carpeting, and ultra-luxurious seating you could relax on for hours. Then consider upgrading from a big screen television to a bona fide movie projector and screen setup you install yourself.
  1. Upgrade the sound system in your game room.

If you can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than gaming your heart out in the company of good friends, then it only stands to reason that a dedicated gaming area is a must. If yours has yet to become what you’d like it to be, consider making some improvements this summer, especially in regards to the sound system. Consider upgrading from your trusty standalone speakers to some awesome ceiling speakers or wall speakers. Install some speaker switches that make it easier than ever to control and adjust your sound to perfection. The sky’s the limit.
  1. Install a new antenna.

Everyone appreciates the magic an HDTV experience brings to the table. The fees and monthly costs, on the other hand, are a lot less desirable. If you like the idea of having crystal clear reception without the subscription prices attached to pricey HDTV services, consider installing a new antenna. The right antenna options are not only mind-blowingly capable of delivering exceptional viewing quality, but they’re simple to install yourself if you’re into DIY. Then, once you’re finished upgrading your home with the right product, consider installing a rugged outdoor HDTV antenna on your boat or mobile vehicle as a follow-up project.
  1. Install an intercom system.

Do you own a large property that would really benefit from a better way to communicate from one side of the building to the other? Could your business use a professional system that doesn’t require people to constantly run from room to room? Do you want to be able to communicate directly with people that come to the front door from elsewhere in your home? If you’re into working with electronics, you might want to consider setting up an intercom system. Build the system of your dreams with customized speakers and all of the latest tech. Make sure you include dual shielded cables and wiring for a system that’s truly built to last.
  1. Build a deck.

If you’re looking for a great way to increase the value of your home and make it more functional all year round, it’s hard to think of a better addition than a deck. You’ll have the perfect spot for entertaining, barbecuing, or hanging out with friends. You and your family can finally start having those outdoor Sunday breakfasts you keep talking about. Decks are quite simply gorgeous as well. They’re also relatively simple to install yourself if you’re into home improvement projects. Plus, it can be done even on a budget, so it’s perfect for those looking to be more frugal this summer. Just take a peek into your tool shed to make sure you have everything you need first.
  1. Upgrade your wireless network.

Tired of the way your Wi-Fi reception isn’t as strong in your bedroom as it is in your office? Finally ready to upgrade when it comes to that old router you’ve been meaning to replace? Consider making some improvements to your home network this summer. Your whole family will thank you! Start with a slick new access point that can handle your household’s increasing needs as far as bandwidth. Look into removing obstacles or altering structures that might be affecting your signal quality. Don’t forget to lock everything down when it comes to security before you call the job done! You’ll be glad you did.
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