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5 Reasons Your Home Theater Should Include a Projector

If you’re planning a home theater in the near future, then it probably stands to reason that you’re carefully weighing your options when it comes to a number of decisions. One of those decisions is likely to be whether to go for the full theater-grade experience with a screen and projector set-up or to just upgrade to a really big television set. Many people wind up simply going for the television set, most often because they feel like a projector and screen is probably overkill for a home setup. However, it’s important to understand the benefits a real projector can bring to the table. Here we’ll take a closer look at some really good reasons why you should consider investing in one of your own.

  1. Image Size

People that are serious about upgrading their home viewing experience are usually looking to capture the mind-blowing experience of going to a traditional theater with as much accuracy as possible. Part of that equation is the comfortable seating and the fantastic sound quality. Another part of it is the sheer size of the image. If big, beautiful images are a priority to you, then a projector is a really wise choice. Most projectors on the market today can produce a high definition image up to 300 inches in size (diagonally). Some can deliver an image even bigger than that! The only real limitations when it comes to the size of your image is the size of your room.
  1. Easier on the Eyes

These days, people are really serious about their movies and television. You just haven’t lived anymore until you’ve binge-watched an entire season of House of Cards in one sitting or had all your friends over for a hard-core movie marathon. However, while extended watching sessions are great when it comes to fun, they’re not so easy on the eyes. Projected images are easier and more comfortable to watch than television images are. This is because light that’s reflected off of a screen is a lot less tiring for your eyes than light that is directly projected from a source like a television or a computer screen.
  1. Portability

Once a giant HD television is mounted in place, it pretty much has to stay put. You can’t really adjust it with any ease unless you’ve also installed a special motorized mount or entertainment center. Even rearranging the room where the TV is located is a challenge because even the thinnest, most durable televisions are still quite heavy, fragile, and awkward. You don’t have this issue with a projector. It’s easy to adjust and to move it from place to place. It’s also a simple process to slightly rearrange the set-up in your room to accommodate more people (especially if you also have a portable screen).
  1. Versatility

A home theater can be so much more than just a great place to unwind while you check out the latest Marvel DVD release or get caught up on Game of Thrones. It’s also a great place to do your gaming, treat your friends and family to slide shows, and more. Today’s projectors are a perfect fit for all of those pastimes. Imagine how awesome your annual Super Bowl party would suddenly become if everyone got to enjoy the game on a bona fide movie screen. Picture how floored your kids will be the first time they experience their favorite video game this way. Projectors really do take every possible screen-related experience up to the next level and beyond.
  1. Increasing Efficiency and Affordability

Once upon a time, you really had to be willing and able to spend a small fortune on a projector if you also expected to achieve theater standards. If you couldn’t afford to do that, you were better off with a TV. This is no longer the case. Thanks to increasingly excellent technology and product strength, even entry level projectors can compete with and even outstrip HD televisions when it comes to color, brightness, contrast, and image clarity. The home theater you and your family have been dreaming about for years is probably a lot more affordable than you probably think it is, as a result. In order to ensure your satisfaction with your projector purchase, make sure you have a thorough understanding of your needs when it comes to size, brightness level, and capabilities before you start the shopping process. Also, make sure you buy from a trustworthy name in tech products (like FireFold).
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