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5 Essential Computer Accessories For Boosting Productivity.

In today’s world, a computer has become a need in everyone’s life. All of your work, either formal or informal, is done on your computer. You require a computer if you want to work from the office or home. However, in such a fast-paced world, you need a computer to do all the work instantly. We here at Fire Fold have all the essential computer accessories you are going to need. We offer accessories for the computer to computer add-ons. Let us dig into 5 must-have computer accessories: 

Wireless mouse 

Getting a mouse that matches your needs and work is important. You need a mouse that does not cause much stress on your hands. A mouse that causes fatigue to your hand and does not let your hand move freely can cause problems. Such as sprained wrists. 

However, the type of mouse you need also depends on your workspace. Working in an open and flexible space means a wireless mouse will be the most comfortable option. Exerting too much pressure on your hands will lead to getting tired fast. So this one will help you adjust your hand position accordingly. 

Laptop Cooling Pad

One common issue everyone faces is your laptop getting heated up. This happens when your laptop gets exhausted from being used for hours. After some time, the dust gets piling up inside your processor fan. This leads to dust obstructing hot air to come off the laptop. 

Getting your laptop serviced frequently can also be quite a task sometimes. So instead of going through that difficulty, buy yourself a laptop cooling pad. The laptop cooling pad helps increase the efficiency of exhausting hot air. 

Universal Laptop Adapter 

The main aim of a universal laptop adapter also known as a travel charger is to step down the local electricity to low voltage. You need this to avoid any accidents of plugging low-voltage gadgets into high-voltage switches. 


Headsets are a must-have because they deliver better audio. If your job includes verbal communication, or it is associated with listening, then you need a pair of good headsets. To be focused while in an online meeting, you need to have a good-quality audio device. You need to pick a high-end headset that will have phone compatibility and noise-canceling features. Also, since you will be wearing them a lot, then they need to be lightweight too. If they are heavy to wear, half of your energy will go to waste there and then. Lastly, make sure the size fits your face and is able to attach to your computer through a USB port. 


Webcams can help make things a lot easier, especially in a post-covid world. We have witnessed a lot of companies going from the on-office to work from home. However, if not that, then many foreign-based companies are seen operating in other countries by offering remote jobs. In such jobs, having a physical connection is important. One might think working from home is so comfortable, but at some point, you do miss the office environment and discipline. 

Video calling can improve the work environment and help have a better connection. Apart from having a connection with your colleagues and managers, having online meetings with videos is highly significant as well. Visuals help you explain your side better with no confusion and obstacles.  

Other essential computer accessories: 

External Hard Disks 

An additional essential computer device is an external hard drive. These are perfect for backing up an unthinkably enormous amount of data. They are easily pluggable into your device, allowing you to create a backup of your entire system, including all of your games, videos, and photos. This allows you to restart and clears up space on your laptop.

With the help of external hard drives, you may also exchange massive files with your friends, including entire discographies of your favorite musicians, movies, games, and other material.

CPU Air Coolers 

The processor at the center of your computer produces heat, which CPU coolers are made to remove. These cooling systems' fans, radiators, and other components allow the built-up heat energy to dissipate away from crucial functioning areas without threatening the hardware.

When choosing the cooling system that's best for you, keep in mind that a single CPU cooling system is made up of hundreds of microscopic parts.

Mechanical Keyboard 

Another essential computer accessory includes a mechanical keyboard. Most of you may associate this with gamers, but actually, it is for everyone. People whose jobs are associated with writing are to be benefited the most. This keyboard helps increase your typing speed and productivity. 

Mechanical keyboards are quicker and sturdier. They are more tactile, which helps your productivity significantly as you get feedback quickly. The reason this particular keyboard is branded for gamers is that it can be customized per need. 

Why do you need these essential computer accessories? 

Gadgets like cooling pads and CPU air coolers are essential for boosting productivity. Not just that but also help prolong the life of your system as well as reduce maintenance costs, like servicing. External drives are an edge for always being a backup system for personal/ additional data storage.

Having a computer is one thing, but upgrading it with appropriate and smart accessories is a plus. There is no computer in the world that comes as a complete package, you need upgrades to suit your usage. The accessories will not only enhance your user experience but also elevate your productivity tenfold. We can agree to the fact that each additional gadget comes in handy in its own way. 

We here at Fire Fold offer tons of variety in accessories for computers or computer add-ons. Not only that, but we value your time and energy and want to make sure you get the right computer accessories. Sign in today at our website and get 10% off as well. So Visit us at FireFold and choose your favorite accessories for computers and boost your productivity.

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