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3 Rules to Follow When Buying USB Chargers

Compared to high-price buys such as televisions, washing machines, or other household appliances that enhance the quality of our lives, the USB charger is no big deal, and we purchase it without paying any thought to quality.

But, shoddy USB chargers can be dangerous to the gadgets health. 

When the input voltage is higher than 5 V, these chargers have no in-built mechanism to refine the voltage before supplying it to the device and can lead to significant damages to mobile devices. 

These kinds of USB chargers do not adhere to safety norms and have several circulatory flaws. 

These include inadequacies between the primary & secondary transformers and less distance between the output voltage and main input circulatory.

So, today, we bring you a comprehensive guide on buying the right USB charger:

Rule 1: The Length of the Cable

The first thing you must look into when shopping for a high-quality USB cable is the cable length.

If you want a USB charger for charging your device via a desktop computer, then you need 1 ft. cable length. 

A 3ft chord length USB cable is ideally suited for charging in the car. 

For nightstands and other kinds of furniture, 6ft cable length provides greater flexibility. 

And, 10ft cord length is for hard-to-reach areas.

Rule 2: Deciding on the USB Connector Type

In terms of USB Connector types, there are three categories, one is micro USB cables, second is lightning cables, and lastly, 30-pin USB cables. 

The micro USB cables are compatible with most of the smart gadgets, but not for Apple devices.

The lightning cables are exclusively for charging the Apple gadgets. And, the 30-pin USB cables are for the legacy Apple devices.

Rule 3: Thickness of the Cable

Another essential factor to mull over when buying the best USB charging cable is the thickness of the cable. 

The thin cables quickly show signs of wear & tear with our everyday rough use. 

The cord thickness matters, even more, when the cable length is 6ft and more. This factor also goes with buying a USB extension cable.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a USB Charger:

  • Number of Ports/Devices
  • Charging Kits
  • Cable Management
  • Surge Protection
  • Versatile Options

At, discover the broadest selection of USB cables for both home & office use.  We assure you our high quality USB chargers are at the most competitive prices. 

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