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3 Best Monitor Wall Mounts For Ergonomic Perfection

People are embracing the concept of ergonomics to have ultimate comfort all day long & promote better health in the present sedentary lifestyle. 

Whether doing day-to-day office routine or casual browsing, most of us set the monitor either too high, low, near or too far, therefore, this contributes to neck, shoulder & back pain, further causing eye strain.

Today, in this post, we’ll take a look at the three best monitors to accomplish ergonomic perfection. So, let’s scroll down and check out: -

  1. Rhino Brackets Low Profile Tilt TV Wall Mount for 32-55 Inch Screens

This is a cost-efficient monitor wall mount that is simple yet functional in design. The Rhino Brackets are perfect for flat screens in the measurement range of 32 to 55 inches, and weight up to 77 pounds.

This is a non-flexible monitor wall mount but has an open architecture that allows proper open ventilation.

The low-profile wall mount is straightforward to install with minimum maintenance needed. The wall can tilt up to 14 degrees downward, thus ensuring you have an optimal viewing experience.

You can order the Rhino Brackets wall mount online at the never before price of $18.69 with free shipping.

2. Rhino Brackets Articulating Curved and Flat Panel Single Stud TV Wall Mount for 32-55 Inch Screens

This is a single-arm wall-mount that is typically best suited for both flat and curved screens. Since this wall mount is supported by a single stud, thereby offers greater flexibility when it comes to deciding on how the monitor will be installed. This wall mount can easily be titled and be swirled up to 90 degrees to achieve optimal viewing experience. 

The USP of this wall mount is its integrated cable management mechanism that lets people effectively manage the monitor cable with a minimum of hassle. 

You can buy the wall mount online at an amazing price of $47.29 with free shipping.

  1. Single Arm Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket 32 to 55 Inch Screens

If you are seeking a wall mount solution that is both affordable & flexible, then you must go with this single-arm full motion TV wall mount. Being a full-motion wall mount, this mount can be easily swiveled, tilt up and down, side to side, thereby making it an extremely versatile piece. 

Order this full motion TV wall mount the for $60.49 with free shipping.


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