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Blank Patch Panel

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The Patch Panel

The blank patch panel is a great tool for any networking scheme. Each blank patch panel comes installation-ready with cutouts that accept virtually all keystone jacks, making the panels great for ethernet, voice, audio/video, and/or other applications. Cable runs can be quickly and easily identified by the clear numbering on the front of the panel.

The blank patch panel we provide is designed to mount to any standard 19-inch Relay Rack, cabinet or wall bracket. The IT patch panel is a lightweight but durable solution to your cabling needs.

Customize It

With individual ports on this rack panel, you can do just about anything your heart desires - so long as there is a keystone jack available for it. For a quick look at all Keystone Jacks offered by FireFold, Click Here.

Each port is numbered, allowing you to better plan out your keystones prior to putting them into place. Mapping them out and then snapping them in place will surely bring you plenty of satisfaction as you assure that everything is designed as you wish it to be.

Once you buy your keystones to fit the IT patch panel like you want - make sure to check out our cabling options. We’re your place to get everything you need for your networking or audio/video solutions.

Get your hands on one of these great IT patch panels today and start consolidating your cabling into a simple solution!


  • Ports: 12, 16, 24, 32, 48
  • Mounts to all standard 19in racks and wall brackets
  • Great configurable solution for setting up a network
  • Use keystone jacks to configure your panel to accommodate a variety of schemes
  • Certifications: UL listed
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