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1.5ft 6-Outlet Power Strip

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The typical American power outlet: one plate, two outlets, three prongs. Building codes insist that no single point in a room should be more than six feet away from an outlet, but those standards can feel unreasonable and outdated. In high-traffic areas of your home, you can easily need three or more outlets in a single space. Between chargers and electronics, you run out of room fast. Having an electrician add power receptacles is the ideal permanent solution, but that can be pricey and time-consuming. More frequently, adding a power strip is the easiest and most economical way to expand your plug-in options.

Circuit Breaking

FireFold’s SP-1.5-WHI 6-Outlet Power Strip is a simple way to add a little convenience to your everyday life. When used, it converts a single AC outlet to six separate outlets. This power strip is rated for indoor use only, and it is compatible with most US three-prong grounded outlets. A heavy-duty 1.5’ cord keeps extra wire to a minimum and is best for use directly below the power receptacle. The cord’s flexible, thick jacket and strain-relief plug ensure durability and reliability, even in the tightest of spaces. Each outlet is equipped with a special child-safety latch. Once shifted into place, foreign objects cannot be accidentally pushed into the live outlet slots.

The SP-1.5-WHI power strip is UL rated for safety and contains a 15A circuit breaker which will prevent electrical overloading, but this strip does not qualify as a surge protector or suppressor. If surge or spike protection is desired, a different product must be used such as the SP-3-WHI. This 1.5’ outlet extension comes with an on and off switch for the strip and an LED light indicates when the power is on. It is designed for use with 125V AC power receptacles, which is standard for most home outlets except those designated for use with large appliances.


  • 6 Outlet Power Strip
  • 1.5’ Heavy Duty Cord
  • Child Protection Cover
  • Rated for 125VAC, 15A
  • Quick Clamping Response
  • No Surge Suppression


  • AC125V, 15Amp
  • 15Amp circuit breaker
  • No surge suppressor
  • 1.5Ft Cord
  • LED power-on indicator
  • Protection Cover
  • UL listed
  • 6 Outlets
  • 14 AWG x 3 cord
  • Three prong plug
  • Color: White

Package Contents

  • (1) Power strip
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