CAT5E Cables
Kendall Howard Racks and EnclosuresWhether you're creating a home network or a large scale operation for a business, you will need high quality Networking accessories to get the job done. Racks and enclosures keep components safe and organized, keystone jacks and patch panels provide ultimate flexibility and wireless routers with built-in security make connecting a breeze.
KVM Switches
4 Port Manual & 2 Way Mini KVM Switches.
Network Switches
TP-LINK & NETGEAR Switches, 5 Port, 8 Port, 16 Port, 24 Port and more.
Patch Panels
Blank Patch Panels, CAT5E Patch Panels, CAT 6 Patch Panels, CAT6A Patch Panels & Patch Panel Brackets.
Power Cords, Strips, Supplies & Surge Protectors.
Print Servers
TP-LINK Single USB 2.0 Port Servers & Pocket-Sized Wireless Print Servers.
Racks and Enclosures
Blank Panels, Patch Panels, Rack Accessories, Cable Management, Drawers, Mount monitors, Shelves, Cabinets, Racks & more.
Routers and Wireless Networking
Wireless Routers, Access Points, Antennas & Internet Adapters.
Crimp, Cutting & Punch Down Tools, Jacket Strippers, Network Testers, Screwdrivers, Stud Finders & Tool Kits.
Wall Plates
Blank Wall Plate Covers, Bulk Cable Wall Plates, Decora, Keystone Plates, Low Voltage Brackets, Power Receptacles & more.