ButtKickerHaving a Home Theater has become a staple in many households today. Whether your home theater consists of a Blu-Ray player and a flat screen TV or a full room dedicated to entertainment with in-wall speakers and theater seating, FireFold has all you need to bring the big screen to life. Hang a TV on a wall, extend a remote signal through walls, broadcast on multiple displays and so much more with audio/video accessories.
A wide selection of audio and video cables including HDMI, RCA, coax, and more.
Converters and Scalers
Audio and video signal converters for HDMI, RCA, TOSLINK, and computer connections.
Electronics are the stars of the home theater world, including TVs, Bluray players, and receivers.
RCA, DVI, HDMI, TOSLINK, and VGA signal extenders and boosters for long cable runs.
The latest and greatest gadgets in gaming for Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox consoles.
HDBaseT transmitters, receivers, and distribution amplifiers for complex, professional systems.
IR Extenders
Kits and accessories for extending your remote control signal beyond line of sight.
Keystone Jacks
Build a custom wall plate with keystone inserts. Choose from HDMI, coax, RCA, and more.
Projectors and Accessories
High quality projectors, wall and ceiling mounts, and hardware for custom mounting projects.
Control up to four electronic devices with a programmable, easy-to-use universal remote.
Shelf Mounts
Stack your home theater components with an adjustable shelf mount.
Switches and Splitters
Switches and splitters for multi-device or multi-display home theater systems.
TV Mounts
Low profile, tilt, and full motion mounts for plasma, LCD, and LED televisions and monitors.
Wall Plates
Use a bulk cable, keystone, Decora, or specialty pre-built AV wall plate to end your in-wall wire run.