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PureLink AV VPX IP Video Management Software

PureLink AV
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Designed to simplify and automate installation and monitoring of the VIP Series of transmitters and receivers from PureLink AV, this VPX IP Management Software enables automatic device recognition, advanced diagnostics, presets and excution schedules, and can automatically build the I/O device map or allow manual creation and editing. With a browser interface, you can enjoy convenience and easy access to the network via mobile devices like tablets.


  • Automate Transmitter/Receiver Recognition on Network
  • Automatically Build I/O Device Map or Manually Edit
  • Advanced Diagnostics Monitor Entire System
  • Save Time By Creating up to 16 Presets
  • For Use with VIP Series IP Extenders
  • Automate Execution Schedules
  • Simplifies Setup and Operation


  • Software Compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, iPad
  • Compatible with VIP-100 II Tx, VIP-100 II Rx, VIP-200H Tx, VIP-200H Rx, VIP-200D Tx, VIP-200V Tx, VIP-200DV Rx, VIP-300H-U-Tx, and VIP-300H-U-Rx
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