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Vanco Hinged Bulk Cable Wall Plate

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Prepare for the unexpected with the 120617 bulk wall plate by Vanco. The patented design offers many advantages over a standard pass-through plate. A unique side-opening hinge allows the user to disconnect the top and bottom halves of this plate so it can be installed around a set of cables. This distinctive feature is especially useful when cables and equipment are already connected or when large connector ends such as VGA and DVI would ordinarily limit the number of cables that fit. The WP-HINGED attaches easily to any single gang low voltage box or bracket, and the pivoting joint requires no additional hardware. With a glossy, natural white shade, this bulk cable plate can create a professional look no matter the visibility.


  • Patented Hinge Design Separates Top from Bottom
  • Allows for Installation after all Cables and Electronic Hardware are Plugged In
  • Run Multiple Cables with Large Connectors at Once
  • Designed to Fit Single Gang J-Box or Low Voltage Mounting Bracket
  • Hole Diameter Approximately 3/4 x 1-1/2”
  • FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty


  • Plate Size: One Gang
  • Plate Style: Hinged Bulk
  • Hole Diameter: 3/4 x 1-1/2”
  • Color: White

Package Contents

  • (1) Wall Plate
  • (2) Color-Matching Screws
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