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Vanco 820490 HDMI Keystone Jack with Pigtail Female to Female Coupler

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Behind the Curtain

Order is your personal pledge. Cleanliness, discipline, and organization are the foundation of your life. Your shirts are arranged by color and season, your pantry displays every label facing out, and you have long since alphabetized your Blu-ray collection. You are the envy of your less responsible brethren. If only they knew your cluttered little secret. Behind your impeccably polished television, your precisely calibrated speakers, and your immaculately stacked components lurks a threat to the very fabric of your meticulous existence. The cables once acquired to bring you joy and peace have turned on you. Years have transformed them into a twisted, jumbled tangle of disgrace. You must fix it before it’s too late!

Organize Chaos

Restore cable lawfulness with the HDMI-KJ-CABLE, a keystone jack for use in keystone wall plates. The easy plug-in ports make running wires through your wall simple and attractive. This jack allows you to use the shortest mess-free cable lengths from your devices to the wall, making them easier to manage and hide. With gold-plated connectors and support for the latest high-definition resolutions, compatibility is of no concern. The lead-free HDMI pigtail is extremely flexible to help prevent any positional strain on the small pin connectors.

Installing and connecting the HDMI-KJ-CABLE is straightforward and quick. This design snaps easily into any of FireFold’s keystone jack plates. It is also compatible with Leviton, ICC, Allen Tel, and many other brands. This gives you nearly endless possibilities for customization and opens the door for hassle-free expansion or upgrades in the future. There is no configuration or tools needed, and it does not matter which end you connect to the wall plate. Simply plug in your cables and you are good to go.


  • HDMI Female to HDMI Female allows the signal to pass through
  • Works with most Keystone and Quick Port Wall Plate Manufacturers
  • HDMI Pigtail enables easier and flexible installation in tighter spaces
  • Either end can snap into a Keystone Wall Plate
  • FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty


  • HDMI Type A 19 pin female to HDMI Type A 19 pin female
  • 3.5" cable length
  • Compatible with Leviton, Allen Tel and many others
  • Color: White

Package Contents

  • (1) Vanco 820490 HDMI Keystone Jack with Pigtail

Please note: Slight hue variations may occur between keystone jacks and the matching keystone wall plates. If you need to ensure there is no variation, please contact customer service at 704-979-7100 before placing your order.

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