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Vanco 120931 Slim Line Standard Pigtail Decor HDMI Wall Plate

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The standard HDMI wall plate with pigtail is a white decor style rectangular covering for a wall. It has 2 HDMI ports connected by a short cable. The port contacts are gold plated to resist corrosion and degradation. With a screw at the top and another at the bottom, this wall plate is installed the standard way.

This wall plate will help you organize and extend your HDMI devices. Running cables through the wall is one of the most common ways installers create their gorgeous and functional setups. There is one problem with most wall plates, however, and that is the angle of their HDMI port on the back. A pass-thru port will cause wear and tear to the connector of your HDMI cable if not angled in a way to reduce stress, the pigtail will remove this concern. With a flexible pigtail, you can angle your cable in a way that best serves your needs. Just like other HDMI wall plates, crystal clear, high-resolution signals are supported and audio and video is transmitted.


  • Allows for a Quick and Easy HDMI Wall Plate Connection
  • Flexible pigtail offers tremendous strain relief, regardless of angle
  • Delivers Clean, Uncompressed Digital Signals
  • Supports High Definition Resolutions 1080p, 1080i, and 720p
  • Supports HDMI Audio and Video
  • 3D Ready
  • FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty


  • Gold Plated HDMI Female Jack (19 Pin) to HDMI Female Jack Pigtail
  • 4.75" Free Cable Pigtail Lead
  • Slim Compact Housing offers Easy Professional Installation
  • Ideal for Wall Mounted Flat Panel TVs and LCD/Plasma HDTVs
  • Fits on a Single Gang J-Box or Low Voltage Mounting Bracket
  • Includes a Trim Plate and Color Matching Mounting Screws
  • Supports Computer Resolutions UXGA (1600x1200), SXGA (1280x1024), XGA (1024x768), SVGA (800x600), VGA (640x480)
  • White Color
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Is this 4K rated?

No, the maximum resolution supported by this product is 1080p.

Is this HDCP compliant?

Yes, this is HDCP 1.2 compliant.

Is this HDMI 2.0?

No, this is not HDMI 2.0.

What is the maximum cable length for this?

The maximum distance for HDMI is 50'. This includes all parts of a run, so the maximum distance for the in-wall portion of your cable will depend on how much cable you have from the wall place to device and display.

Can I put this beside an electrical outlet?

Due to the risk of interference, we do not suggest installing this directly beside an electrical outlet or cable.

How long is the cable on the back?

The cable on the back is 4.75 inches.