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USB to USB Mini Cable - 5 Pin

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Mini USB is Go

Various connectors have been used for smaller devices such as digital cameras, smartphones, and tablet computers. FireFold is helping you hook up these devices to your computer or charging adapter with our USB mini cable. The specific USB mini cable you are looking at right now is a 5-pin cable.

This mini USB cable is typically used for some game system controllers and, though has many applications besides these. This cable is a 5-pin B connector, similar to the 4-pin mini USB - but without curved edges. By default, a Mini-b cable is presumed to have 5 pins. With the coming of micro USB in 2007, USB mini was made deprecated. Come 2010, micro USB quickly took over the USB mini’s marketplace.


Our USB a to mini USB b cables are rated for USB 2.0, meaning that they can handle up to 480 Mbps transmission with ease. This will allow you to quickly transfer photos and files from your camera or another device with little time at all used in the process. The USB mini cables are still backwards compatible, however, in case you need to use an older form of USB with the device through this cable.

The cable wire itself is a length of three feet and comes in a 28 AWG. Each one is black, which is the standard for most USB mini cables. Each cable comes with sturdy connectors on either end - one a USB mini and the other a regular size (AA) USB. The USB mini connector tends to be a more secure connection, locking tightly into the socket it is plugged into.

With FireFold’s lifetime warranty, you really cannot go wrong with getting one of these. You could even get a few to spare for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them from other vendors. Add a few to your cart today!


  • USB Mini Cables are Among the Most Common Types of USB Cables
  • Hi-Speed 480Mbps Transmission
  • Smaller Connectors Provide Reliable Connectivity for a Variety of Digital Devices


  • USB 2.0 Plug type A to USB Mini Plug type B 5 pin Cable
  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • Nickel Plated Plugs
  • 28AWG Copper Conductors
  • Outer Diameter: 4.5mm
  • PVC Insulation
  • Version 2.0
  • Backwards Compatible with Version 1.0 and 1.1
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Length: 3ft
  • Color: Black

Package Contents

  • (1) 3ft USB to USB Mini Cable
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