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USB to HDMI Adapter with Audio - SuperSpeed USB 3.0

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The USB 3.0 Display Adapter is a device which enables connection to second display device to a computer using USB 3.0 port. With this convenient design, it can connect up to 6 display devices to a computer without installing extra video cards. Once the driver has been installed, the USBattached monitor will be enabled immediately. No function key on the adapter and there is no need to reboot the operating system after unplugging the USB adapter.

System Requirements:

  • Windows Vista® SP1/sp2 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 7® (32-bit or 64 bit) and above
  • Single core CPU at 1.2 GHz or higher processor clock
  • 512MB memory
  • At least one USB3.0 port (*)
  • 30Mb of available disk space
  • Super VGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor


  • Add-on monitor, LCD or projector through a single USB 3.0 port hot-plug; add or remove monitor without system reboot
  • No driver installetion needed for Win 7 and above
  • Small in size, works with all HDMI displays.
  • Supports High Resolution up to 2048x1152
  • Video streaming is supported up to 1080p
  • Extend and Mirror mode support.
  • Resumes from hibernation and suspend modes
  • Supports up to 6 USB display adapters to work simultaneously


Package Contents

  • USB 3.0 to HDMI® Adapter x1
  • CD (Driver & User's Manual) x1
  • Quick Installation Guide x1
  • USB cable x1
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Is this directional?

Yes, this is directional. It can only be used to take USB from a computer to an HDMI television or monitor.

Is this HDCP compliant?

No, this adapter is not HDCP compliant.

Is this HDMI 2.0?

No, this adapter is not HDMI 2.0.

Does this change the port from an input to an output?

No, the direction of a port cannot be changed.

Does this transfer audio and video?

Yes, this converter will send audio and video to your television. You may need to adjust the audio output to the USB port through your computer's audio settings.

Can you use this to turn a TV USB into an HDMI?

No, this converter only works from a USB computer to an HDMI TV.

Can you use this to extend several monitors?

Yes, you can use this to extend your desktop. You would need one converter per monitor, which means you would need multiple free USB ports.

Can this be used with Windows 10?

No, this product is not tested and approved for Windows 10 devices.

Do I need to install software?

Yes, display software is required for this adapter. You can use the included disc or download the drivers from the manufacturer website.

Will this work with Apple products?

No, this product is not for use with Mac operating systems.