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  1. Platinum Tools 100071C EXO-EX Die for EXO Crimp Frame
    Platinum Tools 100071C EXO-EX Die™ for EXO Crimp Frame®
    Regular Price $43.99 Special Price $37.39
  2. Klein Tools J207-8CR All Purpose Plier with crimper
    Klein Tools J207-8CR All Purpose Pliers with Crimper
    Regular Price $62.99 Special Price $53.54
  3. Platinum Tools SealSmart PROCON Compression Tool Front
    Platinum Tools 16213C SealSmart PROCON Compression Tool
    Regular Price $57.99 Special Price $55.09
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RESULTS 1-24 of 29

An RJ-45 connector is ordinarily used with Internet networking cables. They are also occasionally used for serial network connections. They are similar to but larger than the connectors used for telephones. RJ45 connectors are almost exclusively used to bridge Ethernet connections but, not being originally created for that purpose, they occasionally need to be altered. Frequently, due to the fact that these cables are not always precisely suited to the needs of a given network, they will need to be altered. When this happens you will need a crimping tool.

RJ45 Crimper

An RJ45 wire crimper is a versatile tool that can help out in a variety of ways when you’re struggling to make the cables you have fit your network needs. This is a standby item for IT technicians who work to support all kinds of work places by keeping their network cables functional and tidy.

In this increasingly DIY world we live in, many of us will run into a situation where we will have to take over where the IT guy left off. When the moment arises, you may need to quickly learn to use an RJ45 crimper.

With this versatile tool, you will be able to cut custom cable lengths, strip and crimp wires, to fit both Cat5 and Cat5E cables that come with 8P8C, 4P4C, 6P6C or other plugs. Many of these tools will work on RJ45 cable as well as RJ11 and sometimes more.

With a little bit or research, you’ll find that you can customize and optimize your network cables to suit your home or workspace with these multipurpose networking tools.