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Spring Clip Speaker Wire Wall Plate For Audio w/ 4 Terminals

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Connect the Dots

Vanco’s WP-SPRING-4 spring clip wall plate helps you banish the mess by providing an easy, attractive interface for running your wires through the wall. Spring clips are perhaps the easiest way to terminate speaker wire at a speaker, receiver, or wall plate such as this. To connect your wire to this plate, simply strip half an inch of insulation and give the bare wire a little twist. To open a spring clip, press down on the lever until the clip opens. Then insert your wire, let go of the lever, and you are done! To connect the speaker wire to the back of the plate, just strip the speaker wire and solder the wire to the easily accessed terminal. 

Each speaker requires one red and one black connection, so this wall plate can handle two speakers.  Installing the WP-SPRING-4 into your wall is straightforward and quick. It can attach directly to a single-gang box or low voltage bracket. The clips on this plate can accommodate speaker wire from 18-12 AWG. Which gauge you need depends largely on the distance you are running the wire so be sure to measure first.


  • Two pair, two speaker connection
  • Accepts 18-12 AWG wire
  • Connection style: Spring clip
  • Single-gang box or bracket compatible
  • Insert color: White
  • Clip color: Red/Black

Package Contents

  • (1) Spring Clip Wall Plate For Audio Speaker Wires with 4 Terminals
  • (2) Color Matching Screws
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