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Vanco SS6 6 Pair Stereo Speaker Switch

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The Vanco SS6 6 Pair Stereo Speaker Selector Box will connect up to six pairs of speakers which can be controlled independently or used simultaneously. In addition to hooking up numerous speakers, this box will also protect your amplifier from shorting out, especially useful for loud volumes. This product uses a button for selecting speakers with indicator lights to inform the user of which pair are currently in use.


  • When you are listening to your system and all of a sudden you notice a reduction in quality, you can use this device to go through each pair of speakers to determine or rule out an issue which will eliminate or narrow down the problem.
  • When configuring your setup, you might have need for a certain sound. To achieve this, certain speakers will need to be on and others will need to be off. With this product you can achieve the distinct sound you are looking for, and if you aren't sure you can always fiddle around with it until you find that perfect pitch.
  • With electrical safeguards you won't have to worry about your amplifier being overworked by 6 pair of speakers. Loud music is a must at certain venues and if your amplifier shorts out then that will likely be the end of the night.


  • High-quality selector box is designed to switch and select up to six (6) pairs of stereo speaker systems
  • Six pairs of speakers can be controlled independently. Any one pair or up to all six pairs of speakers can be played at the same time
  • Two sets of electrical safety devices for safeguarding the stereo amplifier have been installed to protect the stereo amplifier against shorting of lines and/or open speaker connectors
  • Constant minimum load circuit protects amplifier no matter how many speakers are connected
  • Button indicator labels to customize your selector to make speaker selection fool-proof
  • Push terminal connections
  • Helps to prolong amplifier life
  • Rated 100 watts continuous per channel
  • 4 to 16 OHM impedance
  • Accepts 14 to 22 AWG speaker wire
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet
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