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6 Inch RCA Female to (2) RCA Male Adapter Cable

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With our Y-adapter, it's a snap to combine two channels into one, or to split one channel into two.

The Y-adapter has a single female RCA connection on one end, and dual male RCA connections on the other.


  • Molded strain relief wrap provides reliability.
  • Color-coded cables for easy identification and use.
  • Dual RCA audio plugs, used to connect the composite audio signal from the left and right channels.
  • FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty


  • Connectors: RCA Jack / RCA Stereo Plug (x2)
  • Brass/nickel plated plugs
  • Fully molded connectors
  • 26 AWG, spiral-wrapped copper shielded wire
  • 6 in Cable
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