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Peerless-AV Adjustable Shelf

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The double-stud design of the Peerless-AV PS200 Adjustable Shelf allows AV equipment to be centered directly underneath flat panel TVs. It supports up to 100 pounds and has an adjustable width up to 18 inches, so it accommodates large receivers, multi-disk DVD players, and stacked components.


  • Allows AV Equipment to be Centered Directly Underneath TV
  • Adjustable Width up to 18" and Depth Range of 15 - 23"
  • Accommodates Large Receivers, Multi-disk DVD Players
  • Decorative Snap-on Covers Conceal Mounting Hardware
  • Adjustable Knobs Allow for Easy Leveling of Components
  • Embossed Arms with Screw Holes Secure Components to Shelf
  • 5 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty


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Will this work with my components?

This will work with many components weighing less than 100 lbs. Components may include DVD players, cable boxes, game systems, streaming media devices, and more. Please check shelf dimensions to ensure your component will fit.

How big is the shelf?

This shelf is up to 18 inches wide and up to 23 inches deep.

Can you adjust the height on the shelf?

No, this stays fixed in place.

Can I put my TV on this?

No, we do not recommend using this as a television mount.

Do you need a stud to mount this?

A stud is always suggested, but you can mount into a stud or concrete.

Will I need anything else?

You will also want an electric screwdriver with a drill bit and a stud finder. A drop cloth to cover your carpet or furniture may help, and level can be a good idea as well.

Does this have any special features?

Yes, the width and the depth can both be adjusted. There are also knobs to level your components.