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RJ11 Inline Modular Crossover Coupler

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Joining Forces

Welcome, everyone, to FireFold’s Coupler Corner where there is no such thing as “opposites attract!” This is the number one place like-minded cables can make a solid, lasting connection in a safe and professional environment. We know it can be hard to join two cables together. Whether you need to unite them for an hour or a lifetime, selecting just the right bond can be tough. It shouldn’t be a high-pressure race against time, though. With the right coupler, mating cables end to end is easy, reliable, and quick. Here you can find a coupler for a signal so solid you might forget those cables were ever separate. All of our couplers are small enough to tuck in your pocket and take on the move, so they’re even great for temporary arrangements.

Female to Female RJ11 Crossover

For connecting two male RJ11 connectors together, you can’t go wrong with the RJ11-COUPX-WHI. This professional coupler features two female RJ11 jacks. RJ11 ends are most commonly found as connections on Cat3 voice and data cables, so this is especially useful if you find your phone cord isn’t long enough and you don’t feel comfortable with splicing the wires. RJ11 Cat3 cables are also the primary line for DSL modems. This tiny adapter has a smooth white finish for inconspicuous installations and is specifically designed for crossover applications. Other couplers are available for those who need a straight-through configuration.   

These RJ11 couplers can be used with any of FireFold’s Cat3 cables, splitters, or adapters for customized telephone solutions. In most cases, Cat3 cables can be run fairly long distances, so feel free to extend without worries. It doesn’t matter to us how long you plan for your cables to be joined, either. You can still enjoy our picture-perfect match of low prices and high performance. With our signature lifetime warranty, you can expect this coupler to create quality connections for as long as you both shall live.


  • Use for data/voice applications
  • Female-to-female feed-through connection
  • Crossover configuration
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces
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