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Platinum Tools EZ-RJ11/12 Connectors - 100pk

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As anyone who has ever planned their network knows, terminating voice cables isn’t necessarily hard. It can be a tedious process, though, and it is critical to speed and functionality to get it correct. If you have a lot of cables to connect or if you’re a network professional, the amount of time spent on getting conductors just right can be frustrating and even wasteful. You have to measure carefully to ensure you are clipping the precise length of wire to fit snugly into your connector and often you have to assume your pins have stayed in the right order before you crimp them.

Platinum Tools, a leading designer and manufacturer of network wiring instruments, has created a patented EZ system to eliminate many of the headaches associated with those tiny connectors. Product number 100026B is a 100-pack of EZ-RJ11/12 connectors. These connectors can be used with most ordinary crimpers, but the full benefits can only be experienced when used with an EZ crimp tool.

The Difference

The initial steps for adding an EZRJ11/12 connector onto a Cat3 cable is the same. You score the outer jacket and remove an inch and a half, snipping the pull thread to get it out of your way once you have enough of the conductors exposed. Untwist the pairs and line them up according to your chosen wiring diagram. Then, instead of measuring where you need to snip off the excess wire, you skip straight to inserting the cable into the connector. Thanks to the all-transparent pull-through design, you can quickly check to make sure the correct wire pinout has been maintained by checking the wires that have come out the end of the connector and by looking into the body of the connector itself. Once everything is lined up properly, crimp the connector on. The EZ tool will crimp and cut away the extra wire all in one squeeze.


  • For use in telephone & security installations
  • Faster, easier terminations with reduced scrap
  • For specialized telephone installations & communications equipment
  • For applications requiring custom/specific wire configurations
  • Works on solid or stranded wire
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • Quantity: 100
  • Wire Type: Solid or stranded Cat3
  • Connector Type: RJ11, RJ12
  • Compatible with most RJ-style crimp tools except for AMP
  • FCC Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL Rated
  • Color: Clear
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