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Quest B Connector 100 Pack - 19-26AWG, Blue

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If you ever find your back to the wiring wall, failure is not an option.  To ensure success, we suggest you arm yourself with these TBN-1011 B-Connectors from Quest. With this 100-pack in your back pocket, those wires won’t even know what hit them.

We’ve heard them called “beans” or “beanies,” but they’re more than hot air. These crimp-style connectors can house up to four 19-26 AWG solid copper wires, and don’t let the word “crimp” give you second thoughts. There’s no need to purchase extra tools. That pair of pliers you already own? Those’ll do just fine. Installing B-connectors is lightning fast. There’s no stripping or prep needed. These connectors have teeth- literally. You just insert your wires and put the squeeze on the barrel. It’s lined with tons of tiny razor-sharp bits of metal that will pierce through the wire insulation for the conductivity you need and an iron grip. Outdoor environments are nothing to these, either. They’re filled with a non-curing sealant to keep out pesky moisture. So, go on. Splice in your house, at the office, or in your basement… No one ever has to know.



  • Phone Connector
  • AWG: 19-26
  • Wire Type: Solid copper
  • Wire Quantity: 2-4
  • Sealant Type: Non-curing
  • Connection Style: Crimp
  • Temperature Tolerance: -60 F to 475 F
  • Package Quantity: 100
  • Color: Blue
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