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If your networking application calls for extremely high bandwidth or if you need to transmit data over long distances, then you may want to consider a fiber optic solution.

Fiber optic patch cables are network cables that contain strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. Two primary types of fiber patch cables exist, called single mode and multi-mode, with the size of the core the main difference between the two.

The type of cable you need will depend on your application. Single mode patch cables are the best choice for transmitting data over long distances, while multi-mode fiber patch cables are a good choice for transmitting data and voice signals over shorter distances. Multi-mode fiber patch cables are typically used for data and audio/visual applications in local area networks and connections within buildings.

For a safe and secure means for connecting fiber optic cables between external distribution and active components, consider purchasing fiber optic adapter panels.

If you’ve already wired your setup with fiber optic cables and realize that you need more or need to replace a cable, it can be difficult to do. Worry not, as fiber optic adapters provide the perfect solution. Fiber optic adapters are designed to connect two fiber optic cables on each side so that a signal may pass through them. They present a simple solution to extend your fiber optic connection without having to purchase a longer cable.

FireFold carries an extensive inventory of fiber optic patch cables. Choose between single mode and multi-mode cables, various core and cladding size, as well as a wide range of colors. With the Signature FireFold Lifetime Warranty, you really can’t go wrong.