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Nail-in Coax Cable Clip for RG-59 - 6mm 100 Pack

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Cable Clutter

Free-range cables can be a pest. Turn your back and suddenly it seems like there were more than you had to begin with. Leave them alone long enough and they’re spilling out everywhere. There’s no avoiding them, not at home or work. You need wires for your entertainment center, your network, and chances are there are wires all over the inside of your computer. Especially in a professional setting, no one wants to see a careless cord cluster. Messy cables aren’t just aesthetically unappealing- they can also cause injury or damage. We’ve all tripped over a cord on the floor that shouldn’t have been there, and pets are especially prone to snack on loose wires. Even if no one interferes, tangled cables can impede proper air circulation that is especially harmful to the delicate circuits in electronic equipment.  

Clip It

Cable management is important, and although it can seem tedious, it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to handle your renegade cords, but sometimes you only have one to run. When all you have to run is a single coax or Ethernet cable, zip ties and Velcro ties are overkill. Cable clips like FireFold’s NAILIN-COAX are the ideal solution for those simpler jobs. Small enough to hide along a baseboard or crown molding, these cable clips each have a single built-in nail that can be tapped into your wall to hold the cable in place. When purchasing cable clips, keep in mind the type of cord you are mounting. These will fit RG59 coax and Cat5E and Cat6 Ethernet correctly. The easiest way to ensure a tight, straight installation is to put a single clip about every six feet of your run and then carefully pull the cable taut and nail an additional clip between the others. This 100-pack of black nail-in cable clips will get you through many projects. If you need to color-match or color-code, these coax clips also come in white.



  • Pack of 100
  • Molded plastic body
  • Fits RG-59 Coax Cable or CAT5E/6 UTP Cable
  • 6mm (0.24") Opening
  • Color: Black or White

Package Contents

  • (100) Cable Clips
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