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Today, RG6 coaxial cables are popularly used to carry information over long distances into homes and businesses. Suitable for HDTV applications, Cable and Satellite installations and featuring an aluminum shield for maximum protection against interference.

RG6U 1000ft Single Quad Shield has additional foil shields or braids to provide greater protection against electromagnetic interference and is a more durable cable. Housed in a sturdy pull box for the optimum interface, organization, storage and transportation. 1000 Foot, Quad Shield, Black


  • Copper-clad Steel Conductor
  • RG-6U Single Quad Shield
  • Rated at 3Ghz
  • 1.024CCS+FPE OD:4.57MM+SINGLE, AL+0.16AL/64#+DOUBLE, AL+0.16AL/48#PVCOD:7.6MM WH
  • Gauge: 18AWG
  • Impedance: 75OHM
  • Shielding %: 1%AL,100%AL
  • Stranding: 16/4/0.12/AL
  • Shielding%: 2% AL, 100%AL
  • Stranding: 16/3/0.12/AL
  • Outer Diameter: 7.5+/- 0.15mm
  • Pull Box - White
  • CL2 Rated
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