Crimson-AV CA8 General Purpose 8x8 Inch Ceiling Adapter
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Mounting Questions

Where to mount the projector is one of the first questions new or prospective projector-buyers have to ask themselves. Desks, tables, and walls are all options but one of the most popular means for mounting a projector for display is to mount it on the ceiling. This method is frequently favored for the uncluttered and professional look it adds to any home theater or office. Much like mounting anything else, what you need depends on what you have to work with. There are just as many variations in ceilings are there are on walls and before you start any installation process you want to make sure you have everything you need to complete it. Crimson CA8 General Purpose 8x8 Inch Ceiling Adapter is one piece of the ceiling mount puzzle you may need to complete your installation.

Keep it Up

The Crimson AV CA8 is manufactured for use in attaching a projector ceiling mount a solid structural ceiling or some standard unistruts. It can attach to structural wood by itself or to a unistrut or structural concrete with the required additional accessories. This adapter is made to stand up to the demands of almost any ceiling mount. Crafted from high-grade cold rolled steel and coated in a scratch-resistant epoxy powder, neither strain nor scrapes will wear this adapter down.

Built to last, the Crimson AV CA8 is rated to withstand weights of up to an incredible 300lbs. Compatible with ceiling extensions, components, and accessories with a 1.5” NPT interface, this general purpose ceiling adapter will fit seamlessly with an almost endless combination of mounts , fittings, and fixtures.


  • Weight capacity: 300lb (136kg)
  • 1.5” NPT thread compatible
  • Mounting surface: structural wood, unistrut (accessory required) or structural concrete (accessory required)
  • Joist spacing: single joist
  • Construction: high-grade cold rolled steel
  • Product finish: scratch resistant epoxy powder coat
  • Package specifications: 8.5”x8.5”x2.8”
  • Color: black


Package Includes

  • (1) CA8 Ceiling Adapter




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