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Feel What You've Been Missing

The ButtKicker brand has been shaking up the entertainment experience since 1999 with their state-of-the-art bass technology. Using low-frequency transducers to emphasize the rumble instead of the racket of the traditional subwoofer, they offer powerful chair-rattling impact at a small size and reasonable price. Available by the piece or by the kit, ButtKicker products can be mixed to match any consumer. Don’t worry about maintenance, either. These transducers are made from quality material and are designed to last. They have been used and loved by the most demanding professionals in music, gaming, and home theater installation. All ButtKicker products also feature a one year warranty.

The Strong, Silent Type

The BK-CMAK is designed for use with the BK-LFE silent subwoofer. The LFE is perfect for home theater installs and is seamlessly integrated and hidden beneath chairs, couches, or risers and platforms by using this mounting kit. This accessory set includes absolutely everything you need to attach your new transducer to existing furniture including the mounting plate, hardware, rubber isolators, and even a wrench.

Installation of the BK-CMAK is simple enough to do on your own. It mainly includes attaching the BK-LFE to the mounting plate and then connecting the mounting plate to one of the legs of your couch. It does not necessarily matter which, but for longer couches, the center support may be perfect to ensure an even distribution of shake. Luckily, all of ButtKicker’s cutting-edge products include a detailed user manual and an installation guide to help guide you through creating your own quality 4-D theater presentation.


  • Dimensions:  10.5”x7.5”x1.5”
  • Weight:  3.5 lbs
  • Compatible with: BK-LFE
  • Color: Black


Package Includes

  • (1) Mounting plate
  • (5) Rubber isolators
  • (1) Wrench
  • Mounting hardware




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