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Charge or Transfer

Have you ever tried counting to 10,000? Well, this micro USB cable will do that for you! Well, not that you would know, though - this micro USB cable does it within the blink of an eye. Your capability to charge or transfer information is only as good as your cable. With FireFold’s micro USB cable, you’re sure to have a steady transfer and charge rate as it seamlessly handles the 10,000 connect-disconnect cycles in the background.

What will this cable work with?

This USB micro cable is the standard for most non-Apple products these days. Kindle Fires, Andoid Phones, Windows Phones, and a variety of other products use the micro USB b cable for their data transfer and charging purposes. Since this USB micro cable has become the standard for most other devices, it makes being able to share cables within a household much simpler.

With the USB micro cable’s plug and play capability, you can plug in the needed end into your device and the other end into your charging adapter or computer. After that, the USB micro cable should start charging your device and allow you to transfer your information if applicable.


This Micro USB cable uses USB 2.0, which is the standard for most USB micro cables. It will still work with most USB 3.0 ports, as 3.0 is typically backwards compatible with 2.0. However, you will usually not see any difference in transfer or charging. This specific cable is 3 feet long, so it is perfect for charging in the car or attaching to your computer and setting it very nearby. If you don’t like lengthy cables lingering around, this is the cable for you.

When you consider all of this, see the price, and know that this product comes with FireFold’s lifetime warranty - what else could you possibly need to think about? Go ahead and get your hands on one of these cables today!


  • USB A-Male to Micro USB Male
  • 3 feet
  • Black
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