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Step Up to the Plate

Sometimes, when shopping for wall plates, you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for. It can be hard for manufacturers to offer every possibility- mainly because the possibilities are endless. One person may need coax, Ethernet, HDMI, and RCA while another wants nothing in the world more than a VGA, Optical, and RJ11 plate. Keystone plates are one option when it comes to custom wall plates, but they’re not the only choice you have. Decora wall plates were made famous by Leviton initially as a replacement for standard toggle light switches.

Decora the Halls

FireFold’s Decora-Style Face Plate can be used for the very same application, but they are also frequently used for low-voltage wiring. When combined with Decora inserts, the installer or homeowner can put together their ideal configuration. The WP-DECOR-2 two-port face plate has two openings for the Decora inserts of your choice, and both low-voltage and lighting control switches can be combined into one plate. Inserts are available to accommodate between one and six keystone jacks each. We also offer a huge variety of home theater and networking keystone jacks that can be easily snapped into the insert ports. These plates follow industry standards, so they can be used with any Decora inserts and keystones you already have.

Installing the WP-DECOR-2 Decora-style face plate is simple. It fits over any standard two-gang low voltage bracket or box and attaches with the included color-matched screws for finished dimensions of 4.56” x 4.5”. The smooth, glossy white finish helps it blend in easily with existing wall plates and décor, and the beveled edges ensure a clean and professional appearance. This plate is molded from dense, durable plastic and is backed by our signature lifetime warranty. Decora-style plates are also available from us with two and three insert openings.


  • Wall Plate Size: Two-Gang
  • Insert Port(s): Two
  • Material: Molded plastic
  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 4.56”
  • Color: White


Package Includes

  • (1) Wall Plate
  • (4) Screws
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