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Viavi FI-60 Live Fiber Identifier With OPM

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Innovative FI-60 Design Gives You Two Essential Fiber Tools in One Device

Inadvertently disconnecting active fiber during installation, test and troubleshooting is a common cause of dropped service. The new FI-60 LFI enables users to easily detect the optical signal without having to disconnect the fiber or disrupt network traffic. The unique Viavi Solution® SafeChekTM system ensures safe and repeatable engagement with most fiber types, without the hassle of changing out costly dies.

The FI-60 easily converts to an Optical Power Meter (OPM), providing twice the value for your investment and reducing the number of tools you have to carry on the job. Simply remove the LFI head attachment, connect the corresponding adapter (2.5 or 1.5mm) and insert a connector to measure power. This versatile tool can display, store, and recall optical power measurements for each of the selectable wavelengths. Users can download the stored data onto a PC via USB. The FI-60 also interfaces with FiberChek2, providing integrated inspection and OPM testing and reporting capabilities.


  • SafeChek easy-pull trigger system ensures repeatable engagement with fiber cable
  • LFI head accepts multiple cable diameters (250μm to 3mm jacketed fibers
  • Durable metal input adapters (2.5 and 1.25mm) for OPM
  • Measure both absolute (dBm) and relative (dB) power
  • Store and recall up to 100 OPM readings


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