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Kendall Howard 2 Unit (2U) Flat Spacer Blank

Kendall Howard
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Kendall Howard

Kendall Howard is one of the top companies out in the rack mount market. They provide high quality products at a great price. These items in general are not found everywhere, but we at FireFold are helping you get connected to this great manufacturer.

The Kendall Howard 2U Flat Spacer Blanks are a cut above the rest. Spacer blanks are often used as a way to fill in any gaps and conceal empty rack spaces in a rack or enclosure. The use of filler panels not only makes racks look neat, clean and organized, but when installed properly they provide added support to the mounting rails. These spacer blanks are also critical for controlling proper airflow especially in cold aisle/hot aisle applications.


This specific flat spacer blank is 2U. A U (unit) is the standard size for a single rack interval. While others can be 3U, there will be no such waste of space here. This blank spacer is 19 inches long, which is average for most rack panels. It is .06 inches thick, so it is extremely thin. The blank spacer is also 3.47 inches high, which is roughly standard for most patch racks that have around 24 ports.

Besides all this, you get a lightweight product that is just below two pounds - making it extremely easy to get mounted up with the rest of your rack panels. With a limited lifetime warranty provided by Kendall Howard themselves, you can’t really go wrong with this product.


  • Oblong mounting holes that are compatible with any standard rack hardware
  • Tool-less clips make installation a breeze with any universal cage nut style rail
  • Rounded corners and durable powder coat finish provide a smooth edge for safe handling and installation
  • Helps prevent dust from getting in and prevents hot air from being recirculated into your equipment
  • Professional


Package Contents

  • (1) 2U Flat Spacer Blank Rack Mount Panel
  • (4) Toolless Fasteners
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