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Hosa Speaker Cable - Quarter Inch TS to Same

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Crank up the volume with Hosa’s speaker cables! The SKJ-603 is a 3’ quarter inch TS to quarter inch TS cable, also known as a quarter inch mono cable. These cables are sometimes also known as 6.35mm cables, which makes them larger than the standard headphone jack. Designed to connect an amp to a speaker, this cord contains two large high power, low impedance conductors wrapped in a flexible PVC jacket. The oxygen-free conductors promise low electrical resistance and a high resistance to corrosion over time for quality sound that goes on and on.

Hosa’s line of speaker cables is for exclusive high-current use and should not be used in place of instrument cables or any other line-level application. Unlike instrument cables, speaker cables are generally unshielded because their signal is strong enough to defeat any interference. Their lack of shielding isn’t a problem when they are used from amp to speaker, but using them in place of an instrument cable can cause humming or buzzing to disrupt your sweet sounds. Need an instrument cable instead? We offer Hosa’s line of guitar cables too.


  • Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors for Lower Resistance
  • Durable, Flexible Black PVC Jacket


  • 1/4" TS to 1/4" TS
  • 16AWG x 2 OFC
  • Unshielded
  • RoHS Compliant
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