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  1. Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Motor Rotor
    Outdoor Digital TV Antenna with Motor Rotor
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An HDTV Antenna For Every Situation

In an age where most people have cable television service in their homes, you may wonder why you even need a TV antenna to begin with. Many people don't realize that they can still receive a wide range of different local channels totally free of charge with the right digital antenna installed in your home.

Not only that, but the quality on certain channels will actually be higher with a digital antenna than it will be from your cable provider. This is because cable companies need to heavily compress their content - even those channels in high definition - in order to pipe it directly into your home using coaxial or fiber optic cables. Local broadcast networks go out over the air totally uncompressed, however, meaning that these channels will actually look and sound noticeably better when an antenna is employed versus what you're probably used to.

Likewise, if you're one of the millions of people who are considering getting rid of your cable service altogether in favor of streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, an antenna for TV sets is the only way to guarantee that you can continue to receive all of the local programming you want like news, sports and more.

At FireFold, we have a wide range of different digital antenna options for you to choose from depending on your needs. If you still think an antenna for your TV set takes the form of "rabbit ears," you might want to think again. Options like the 40dB flat panel outdoor HDTV antenna, for example, are designed to offer both high performance and a sleek, low profile in one convenient product. It was designed from the top down to offer a sophisticated design that blends in with any building structure - indeed, you probably won't even realize that it's there at all. It can also pick up both UHF and VHF HDTV signals from a fixed direction and comes fully assembled and ready to install.

For something with a little more "kick," you may want to explore options like the Outdoor HDTV Antenna With Motor Rotor Rugged/Mobile Use - which allows you to effortlessly receive VHF, UHF and even FM reception at a range of up to 120 miles. The built-in motor rotor and included remote control work together to make changing direction an absolute cinch and the product comes packaged with all of the mounting hardware you need to take care of installation on your own.