3.5mm Adapters
Stereo or mono headphone jack splitters, couplers, and 3.5mm to RCA adapters.
Quarter Inch Adapters - 6.35mm
Quarter inch stereo and mono audio adapters for 3.5mm and RCA.
Banana Plugs
Speaker wire connectors including twist-on, screw-type, dual tip, and spade.
BNC Connectors & Adapters
BNC video adapters for RCA and coax cables and BNC compression connectors for RG6.
Coax Adapters & Connectors
Couplers, adapters, and crimp or compression connectors for RG6 and RG59 cables.
Component Adapters
Component adapters and couplers for red, green, and blue RCA video cables.
Composite Adapters
Red, white, and yellow RCA adapters and couplers for composite AV cables.
DisplayPort Adapters
DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort adapters from a computer to DVI, HDMI, VGA, and more.
DVI Adapters
Adapters, splitters, and couplers for DVI and Mini-DVI computer video connections.
Fiber Optic Connectors
Fiber optic networking connectors and couplers for ST-ST, SC-SC, LC-LC, and ST-SC.
FireWire Adapters IEEE 1394
FireWire to FireWire adapters for 4-pin, 6-pin, and 9-pin IEEE 1394 cables or ports.
HDMI Adapters
DVI, DisplayPort, MiniDVI, and Thunderbolt to HDMI adapters plus couplers and right angles.
Power Adapters
Power adapters to simplify cable management in racks and enclosures.
RCA Adapters
RCA audio and video adapters, couplers, and compression connectors.
RJ11 Adapters & Connectors
RJ-11 adapters and connectors for Category 3 voice and data cable terminations.
RJ45 Connectors
Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat6A RJ-45 connectors and adapters for networking applications.
S-Video Adapters
Adapters for the S-Video connection, most often found on earlier laptops and VCRs.
Serial Adapters
DB9 and DB25 serial and parallel adapters for older computers and equipment.
TOSLINK Adapters
Digital optical audio couplers,splitters, and adapters for TOSLINK cables.
USB Adapters
USB 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 adapters for cables to computers, printers, and mobile devices.
VGA Adapters & Connectors
Couplers for DB15 and adapters to VGA video from DVI, Mini DisplayPort, and Mini-DVI.
XLR Adapters
XLR couplers and adapters for microphones and audio equipment.