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Garvin JHK-32 2 Inch J Hook Cable Support

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Stress-Free Installations

The enemy of your enemy is your friend. In the case of running low voltage cables, tension on the wires is a powerful adversary. Networking and fiber optic cables are especially prone to issues when they are allowed to bend. Strain lead to network failure and unnecessary downtime. To avoid hassle, it is important to protect the longevity and reliability of your cables. By using the Garvin JHK-32 2 Inch "J" Cable Support Hook to replace traditional cable trays, you can eliminate the risk of damaging those sensitive cables over long distances and keep connections healthy for years to come.

Support Groups

Garvin's JHK-32 has a wide base and smooth, rounded corners to prevent snags while cables are being run. It is recommended that J-hooks be placed no more than 5 feet apart, and they can be attached to a wide variety of surfaces such as beams, studs, and ceilings. The pre-drilled screw hole makes attachment to structures quick and easy. Depending on the quantity and weight of your cables, you may need to space cable supports more frequently as excessive sagging between hooks is not optimal. Cable ties or other wire management types may be used to secure wires into place by running them through the small pre-punched holes on the hook.

The 2" JHK-32 is rated to hold up to 30 lbs and is wide enough for up to 80 Cat5 or fiber optic cables or 50 Cat6 cables, making them ideal for many networking applications. J-hook cable supports can be combined to create custom installation solutions for large volumes of cable or situations where cables are run to multiple locations.


  • Provides support for cable runs
  • Can be attached to many structures
  • 30lb weight capacity
  • UL and CUL compliant
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Size: 2"
  • Load Rating: 30lbs
  • Compliance: CUL, UL
  • Color: Silver

Package Contents

  • (1) JHK-32 2” cable hook
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