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dreamGEAR Wireless Sensor Swivel Bar for Wii

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Above Board

It was supposed to be an ordinary voyage from the coast of Spain to the New World, as though any journey across the open ocean could be considered ordinary. From the start, the passengers and crew began to suspect the trip was cursed. After experiencing delay after delay, you find yourself finally approaching land. The food stores are completely depleted and a vicious storm rips mercilessly at the vessel. All of a sudden, the wind wrenches violently to the east, nearly tipping the boat. From beneath the deck comes a terrible, shuddering noise and the ship’s course abruptly stops. You can see land, but you’re going to have to swim. There’s no telling how far you’ve been thrown off course, so you want to grab anything you can carry.

Wii Wireless Sensor Bar

Add another powerful tool to your inventory with dreamGEAR’s DGWII-1066. This sensor bar is designed specifically for use with the Nintendo Wii gaming console. Built to offer nearly unlimited gameplay options, it utilizes IR technology to wirelessly connect to your Wii for a line-of-sight distance of up to eight feet. That means you don’t have to worry about adding another cable to clutter your entertainment center. With a uniquely jointed stand, this sensor bar can swivel side to side and up or down. It can accommodate adjustments up to a 45-degree angle in any direction, making it the perfect accessory for non-standard room set-ups.

The sleek black and white sensor housing fits in seamlessly with existing décor and the glossy finish helps resist signs of wear and tear. This device uses four AA batteries for power rather than a bulky power cord. A configurable standby mode automatically puts the sensor into sleep mode after one or two hours to help save the life of those batteries. The DGWII-1066 requires no set-up. Simply insert the batteries and turn the wireless bar on. It will automatically sync with any Nintendo Wii within its IR range. An LED indicator light lets you know when the device is powered on and connected.


  • Wireless IR Technology with a Signal Distance of over 10ft
  • Can Be Placed Anywhere Without the Use of Cables
  • 1 or 2 Hour Auto-Sleep Mode Saves Battery Life
  • Swivel Function Allows You to Turn Swivel Bar up to 45 Degrees Left or Right, Up or Down
  • *Requires (4) AA Batteries (Not Included)


  • Power Source: (4) AA batteries
  • Indicators: LED lights
  • Signal Distance: Up to 8’
  • Movement Range: 45 degrees left/right, up/down
  • Color: White
  • PDF Download Installation Manual
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet

Package Contents

  • (1) Sensor Swivel Bar
  • (1) User Guide/Warranty Card
  • (1) Registration Card



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