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dreamGEAR AC Adapter for Wii

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Into the Dark

The lights have been out for days. After the earthquake, everything went dark and it hasn’t come back yet. Your neighbors have heard the shaking registered as the worst earthquake in American history, but all other information has been unreliable and hard to come by. Even the emergency radio stations have been suspiciously silent. As you scour the house for any candles that might have yet been undiscovered, another rumble makes your cabinets tremble. And then another. And another. They begin to feel strangely like footsteps, but that couldn’t be. Lowering your head, you peek out the window but all you can see is miles of darkness. If only the streetlights could get a second of power…

AC Adapter for Wii

Channel all the power you need with dreamGEAR’s DGWII-1029. This AC adapter for the Wii can be used to replace a lost or damaged manufacturer part without the steep Nintendo price tag. Designed with solid, quality conductors and housings, it is built to last through years of steady gameplay. The DGWII-1029 plugs into any standard grounded or ungrounded 240V AC power home outlet. This cord does not include any built-in surge suppression. A surge protector is suggested for most gaming consoles, and FireFold has a number of protection options available.

The power adapter ships in two parts: the main 110/240V AC unit and the wall connector. Assembly only takes a moment. The gray plastic shell matches the original power cord so they can be easily swapped between systems. The only difference between the Wii power cord and this replacement is the dreamGEAR logo on the block. The extended eleven-foot cord offers unparalleled flexibility for the set-up and relocation of your Wii, but excess wire can still be easily managed. The packaging and user guide come in three different languages, ensuring a simple no-nonsense installation. 


  • Replace Lost or Damaged Wii AC Adapter
  • Plugs into Any Standard Wall Outlet
  • 11ft Cable Provides Extended Reach
  • Constructed of High Quality Components for Longevity


Package Contents

  • (1) Main AC Unit
  • (1) Wall Connector



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