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dreamGEAR Broadcaster Headset for Xbox 360

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Xbox Formation

Sweat trickles down the back of your neck. The thick jungle air is choking in its humidity and although you can’t see the sun through the canopy of trees, you can feel its scorching power. You hear a rustle to your left and you swing your head and your rifle around toward the noise, but your finger stays clear of the trigger. It’s just young Private Shultz, his face ruddy from the heat. Despite the long day and the oppressive climate, he was eager and alert. Over the past day and a half, he’d certainly proven himself a valuable new member of your team.

Although you can’t see them all, if everything was going according to plan the rest of your team would be slowly closing in on the enemy camp. With a nod to Shultz, you motion him forward and then continue to creep across the uneven ground as well, head ducked low in an effort to better avoid detection. Suddenly, the atmosphere seems electrically charged. Your gut says things are about to get interesting. Seconds later shots ring out from every direction. You’ve all walked right into a trap.

Speak Easy

Leaping off of your couch, you hit the button on your dreamGEAR DG360-1722 Broadcaster Headset to unmute your microphone and break radio silence. With the help of this classic Xbox 360 accessory, your opponents would be toast sooner rather than later. Using the control dial, you crank up the volume to better hear feedback from your friends. You hardly had to take your hand off the controller, and the cord that plugs into your controller is conveniently short so you don’t get tangled up. You’d have it no other way. You don’t have a lot of time to think.

Through the single-side ear piece, you receive the report from your teammates on the other flank with exceptional clarity. You are, in fact, completely surrounded. You give a frustrated shake of your head, but the headset doesn’t budge. It’s comfortably fitted and sturdy but perfectly lightweight. Swinging down the noise-filtering microphone, you begin issuing orders. There’s no reason to waste time worrying about misunderstandings, because everyone will hear you loud and clear. You and the rest of the crew can make it out of this one alive, thanks to the precision of this DG360-1722 headset and mic and your clever, quick thinking.


  • One-Ear Headset with Microphone
  • Compatible with Xbox 360
  • Plugs Directly into the Wireless Controller
  • Classic Camouflage Color


  • High quality microphone & ear piece for crisp and clear communication
  • Lightweight design with adjustable boom microphone
  • Plugs directly into your wireless Xbox 360 controller
  • Volume and mute controls
  • 3 Foot Cable
  • Color: Brown/Green Camo
  • PDF Download Instruction Manual
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet

Package Contents

  • (1) Broadcaster Headset
  • (1) User's Guide/Warranty Card
  • (1) Registration Card
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