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dreamGEAR Wired Headset for Xbox 360

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The Talking Dead

It wasn’t that long ago when life as you knew it ended. You weren’t alone in adjusting to this new hostile world, but you were certainly more alone than you had ever been before.  A newly mutated rabies virus started killing off the world’s population, but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part began when people stopped dying and instead became indiscriminately ravenous spreaders of disease.  Once the peak of the crisis had settled, some people banded together. Strength in numbers often proved true. You’ve recently joined a group of survivors determined to reclaim the dangerous urban wasteland that once was New York.

28 Decibels Later

Both in-game and IRL, communication is key. You and your teammates have to stay in touch to complete missions while treating injuries, staying fed, and fighting off demented throngs of the nearly undead.  The fate of the city depends on you and you depend on quality gaming accessories. When you need to say something, you want to make sure you’re heard loud and clear and you definitely don’t want to miss anything your team has to say. The dreamGEAR DG360-1717 Wired Headset can be a major factor in your strategic success.

Compatible with the Xbox 360, this headset plugs directly into the port on your wireless game controller. Powerful but lightweight and compact, it fits snugly over your ear. The microphone boom swivels so it can be comfortably worn on the right or left side and the mic itself has a spongy cover that helps filter out outside noise. You have total control in the palm of your hand with built-in volume and mute settings, and a short 3.5’ cord makes sure you don’t have a bunch of extra cable to get tangled when the action gets intense. With the DG360-1717, you can get a premium audio experience without a premium price so you can really focus on what really matters: victory and the future of civilization.


  • Over-the-Ear Headset with Microphone
  • Compatible with Xbox 360
  • Plugs Directly into Wireless Controller
  • Built-in Volume and Mute Controls
  • Classic Camouflage Color


  • Wired headset for Xbox 360
  • 3.5’ Cable
  • Works on left or right ear
  • Volume/mute controls
  • Microphone with boom
  • Connects directly to the wireless controller
  • Color: Brown/green Camo
  • PDF Download Instruction Manual
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet

Package Contents

  • (1) Camo Headset
  • (1) User's Guide/Warranty Card
  • (1) Registration Card



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