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dreamGEAR Power Base for Xbox 360

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Features & Specs
  • Inductive Charging Dock with 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Compatible with Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers and Batteries
  • Wirelessly Charges Two Batteries at Once
  • Play Games While Charging
  • Controller Not Included
  • Compatible with Xbox 360 wireless controller and controller batteries
  • Comes with two 400 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery packs
  • Charging dock with indicator lights
  • Charging dock works with 1st party battery
  • INPUT: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
  • OUTPUT: DC 5V 0.9A
  • Black and White Faceplates
  • PDF Download Instruction Manual
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet

Controller Not Included

Ready Player One

You’ve worked for the White Hamster Manufacturing Company for the past 30 years and you look forward to your retirement, exactly one week from today.  The old business feels just like a second home to you, but you have big plans for the future: a weekend fishing retreat, maybe a cruise to the Bahamas, and- most of all- plenty of leisure and rest. You’ve got a bounce in your step as you walk to your car after the end of a double shift, but as you cross the parking lot you notice the sound of another set of footsteps. These steps are quicker and heavier than yours and you stop and turn, the hair rising on the back of your neck. Several car-lengths away, you spot a shadowy figure. The shadowy figure spots you. Before you can rescue your keys from your pocket, this mysterious person breaks out into a sprint, heading directly your way. In your rush of adrenaline, you drop your keys and then—

Assault and Battery

You completely run out of battery in your wireless Xbox 360 controller. You have to look away to keep from seeing exactly what happens next as you- Craig Hartsell, Career Machinist and Parking Lot Ambush Victim- are stuck frozen in space. Avoid further lost lives and misfortune by entering game mode a little more prepared. With the DG360-1709 Power Base from dreamGEAR, you can charge and play at the same time. This dock uses induction technology to wirelessly charge your controller batteries.

This kit is compatible with the Xbox 360. The base charger comes with two rechargeable batteries but it also works with a variety of other first-party batteries. A set of color-coded indicator lights let you know when your battery is charging and when it is completely charged. You can charge two batteries- with or without the controllers- at one time. The base itself is connected to an ordinary household outlet, but the batteries require no wire to charge- just contact with the base. It also comes complete with a black and a white interchangeable face plate. With the DG360-1709 power base, you have everything you need for interruption-free continuous game play. Craig and the denizens of White Hamster will thank you.

Package Includes

  • (1) Power Base
  • (2) Rechargeable Batteries
  • (1) 110/240V AC Adapter
  • (1) User's Guide/Warranty Card
  • (1) Registration Card

*Controller NOT included.



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