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DataComm Split Wall Plate with Flexible Opening

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Bulk pass-through wall plates are a must-have for many in-home and professional wire installations. They combine ease with a clean look and allow cables to be accessed and swapped without the purchase of a new plate. There’s no universally perfect pass-through plate, though. Personal preference differs just as much as practical application, but DataComm’s 45-0017-WH Split Wall Plate with Flexible Opening is a great option for many projects. The top and bottom halves can be pulled completely apart, so it is especially handy for situations in which the wires are already run or a cable has a large connector such as VGA and DVI.

This Split Wall Plate fits on any standard single-gang box or bracket and comes with a pair of color-matched screws. The extremely slim profile allows this wall plate to fit into tight spaces like those behind a mounted television. A flexible plastic sheet covering the opening offers a clean and inconspicuous look while still accommodating up to six standard sized cables. The natural white color blends in well with most décor and, once installed, the edge between the top and bottom halves is virtually indistinguishable.


  • Can Be Installed Around Existing Cables to Eliminate Re-pulling Wires
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Holds up to 6 Cables
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty


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