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Current Audio TB6 Tile Bridge for 6 In-ceiling Speakers

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Tile Bridge for 6" In-ceiling Speakers

Product Information

The Current Audio Speaker Tile Support Bridge is a load bearing mounting frame for loudspeakers with expanding transverse dog-leg clamps. These Tile Bridges are for use in 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ Dropin “T” Bar type suspended ceilings. The Speaker Tile Support Bridge prevents ceiling tile sag by distributing the speaker weight to the ceiling’s support System.

The Tile bridges comply with the mechanical and acoustical requirements of UL1480(UUMW) and UL2043 test standard. The one piece noncorrosive steel construction Tile Bridge is designed for strength and durability and are thoroughly tested for undesired resonance. The one piece construction is easy to install and saves on install labor.

The mounting frame serves as a template for the installer to cut the proper size hole for the intended speaker and to provide the proper placement position.

Accommodates most 6" speakers

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