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Current Audio SpeKap Breathable Membrane Insulation and Debris Speaker Cap (10pk)

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Product Information

The purpose of the patent-pending SpeKap is to solve the age old problem of blown-in insulation and other debris from entering the backside of any speaker. Speaker operation can be affected when insulation and items like rodent droppings enter the baffle. Droppings can make the speaker sound like a drum roll and insulation can muffle and dampen the audio performance.

The SpeKap is a low-cost solution for this problem. It is easy to install and does not affect speaker performance.

The SpeKap is made of a sheer lightweight breathable spun-bonded, insect resistant polypropylene, with a thin elastic band on the outer edge that forms to your speaker to keep it in place during installation.

Since the elastic band and membrane is wafer thin the SpeKap can be installed over or around the dog-legs of the speaker without causing a gap from the ceiling and speaker bezel.

The SpeKap is designed to universally fit any brand of architectural speakers. The SpeKap is flexible enough to fit most 5" to 8" speakers even the deep aiming type.

Installation: Expand the elastic of the SpeKap with your hand and cover the speaker then cut a small slit at the wire terminal location. Connect wire to speaker and finish your install. It only takes about 30 seconds per speaker.

Every speaker that is installed with blown-in insulation should have SpeKap as a standard.


  • Breathable membrane that prevents insulation and debris from entering speaker
  • Fits most 6.5" and 8" in-ceiling speakers
  • Sold in packages of 10
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