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Current Audio FLSUB8B 8 Floor Standing Subwoofer

Current Audio
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8" Floor Standing Front firing active subwooferw/ 8" down firing passive radiator Cabinet - Hand Finished Piano Black

Product Information

We call it the "Ballista" because it launches the bass energy into the room instead of merely pushing air into the room. You will not only hear the bursting rich bass but your body will feel the resonating forceful sound pressure.

A Ballista was a weapon used by the Greeks and Romans to throw large projectiles at the enemy. The FLSUB Ballista uses the same principles in design to unleash the bass into the room. 

The Ballista's reproduction of low frequencies are enhanced by using one active and passive radiator. The FLSUB is the perfect unit for custom cabinetry. 

The woofer and passibe radiator is made of a long lasting heavy-duty mica filled paper pulp with a strong butyl rubber surround.

The amplifier is the brains of the system and has all the latest features including: RCA low level line input, auto on switch, a phase control switch, variable subwoofer Level con-trol and a variable crossover frequency control.

The color is hand finished piano black or white lac-quer.

The FLSUB is truly your best complement to any home theater.

With the Ballista you are assured years of explosive realistic sound and superior trouble free operation.


  • 8" Mica treated paper pulp woofer cone w/butyl rubber surround front firing
  • 8" Mica treated paper pulp passive radiator cone w/butyl rubber surround down firing
  • Powered by a 250 watt amplifier
  • Frequency response 25Hz - 200Hz
  • LFE RCA input
  • Adjustable level, crossover point and phase
  • 12 layer hand rubbed piano black lacquer finish
  • SPL 109 dB 1w/1m
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