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Current Audio 4PS 4 Pair Manual Stereo Speaker Selector

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The 4PS Four Pair manual Stereo Speaker Selector is a self contained passive selector box. It allows the user to control up to 4 separate pairs of stereo speakers from one amplifier without an expensive electronic distribution system. It requires no external power to operate.

The 4PS is used for multiroom stereo sound systems. With the 4PS the user can selectively turn ON or OFF any one of four zones. The unit has a built-in impedance compensating network to prevent overload to the amplifier. Unlike others on the market, no switch is required to activate the protection circuit. The protection circuit is always On.

Each spring loaded connector can handle up to a 14 gauge wire. There is a Red/Black connector pair for each speaker, and one set ( Right and Left) for the amplifier source input. The speakers are arranged in 4 zones. Make sure the polarity is observed. You can hook-up one, two, three or four pairs of speakers.

Once the 4PS is properly hooked-up operation is straightforward. Select a Zone or any combination of Zones and press the corresponding button for that Zone. The button will be indented to indicate ON. Push again and it will release and indicate OFF. For example press buttons #1 and #3 to listen to music in Zones #1 and #3. The buttons that are out indicate OFF and no sound will be heard from that Zone.

With our limited 5 year warranty you are assured years of superior trouble free operation.


  • Power rated to 40 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms
  • Protection circuitry provides a consistent 8 ohm load
  • Spring loaded terminals accommodates 14 ga wire
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