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Counterbalance Desktop Full Motion 13 to 27 Inch Monitor Mount, Holds up to 20lbs

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High expectations demand high-performance mounts. The DMS1327 is a counterbalance monitor mount, designed for use with desks, tables, and other flat workspaces. A state-of-the-art spring tension gauge allows this mount to be adjusted with the push of a finger. For seamless sit-to-stand transitions, the gliding arm can vertically extend up to 11 inches from the desktop surface. The mounting plate can even be turned an incredible 360 degrees to view your screen in landscape or portrait mode, which makes it perfect for presentations and touchscreen systems.

The DMS1327 is lightweight and easy to install. With only three pieces to assemble, the set-up is quick. This sturdy mount clamps easily to any desktop surface up to 3.5” thick and includes a built-in cable management cover for hiding your wires. A VESA-compatible mounting plate universally accommodates the 75x75 and 100x100 patterns typically found on most 13-27” monitors and televisions. This mount can be easily configured to provide smooth motion adjustments for displays weighing up to 19.8 lbs including up to 90 degrees of tilt and 180 degrees of side-to-side swivel.


  • Complete Range of Articulation
  • Fingertip Tilt and Swivel
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait Display Modes
  • Holds 13-27” Monitors and Televisions
  • Maximum Weight of 19 Lbs
  • FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty


  • Maximum Load Capacity: 9 kg
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 19.84 lbs
  • Mounting Pattern (VESA holes): universal
  • Mounting Pattern (VESA): 75x75
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Will this fit my monitor?

This will fit most 13-27" screens. Please make sure your monitor's mounting pattern is 100x100 or smaller and it weighs 19 lbs or less.

Where do you put this?

This is a single monitor desk mount.

Will I need anything else?

You may need additional hardware if your TV uses a different screw size or if you are mounting to anything other than studs. You will also want an electric screwdriver with a drill bit and a stud finder. A drop cloth to cover your carpet or furniture may help, and a separate level can be a good idea as well.

What is a VESA pattern?

VESA pattern is the mounting pattern. There are several different sizes used by manufacturers. It is the measurement between mounting holes side to size and then up and down. This measurement will always be in millimeters.

How thick of a surface will this work with?

This can be used with surfaces between .5 and 3.5 inches.

Does this tilt or swivel?

This mount will tilt and swivel.

How does this attach?

This mounts by clamp or through a desk grommet.

Does this have any special features?

Yes, this is a counterbalance mount so you can push the screen up and down easily.